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ул. Калинина, 79

г. Красноярск, Красноярский край, Октябрьский area.
каталог запчастей грузовых автомобилей - запчасти в наличии. доставка по красноярску, самовывоз.
Fixing and fastening goods, Heating and water supply systems, Nonferrous rolled steel, Ferrous rolled metal product, Rust-proof rolled steel
Storage warehouse service, Freight forwarding, Urban trucking, Ordering special, construction machines, Long distance trucking
контактная информация, товары и услуги компании ооо искра
fire protection equipment and implements, Protective clothing and personal safety equipmet, Household chemicals, Cleaners, Sport equipment, Electrical heating devices
Electric tools servicing, Repair of industrial machinery, Pneumatic and compressor equipment, Welding equipment, gasoline-powered tool
Pumping equipment, Electrotechnical goods, Building equipment and machinery, Metalwork, Electric motors, Gearboxes
Rubber technical goods, Welding materials and electrodes, Electrotechnical goods, Welding equipment

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